The care innovation creating moments of happiness for people with a cognitive challenge and all those around them.


Playful, interactive light projections that entice children, adults, and older people to get moving and have fun together.

For people living with dementia

Fun interaction for people with...

For adults with intellectual disabilities

Why Active Cues?

Training & support

Discover all the possibilities of the Tovertafel! After the Tovertafel is installed, we offer staff and family members extensive support on the daily use of the Tovertafel. We even provide you with a special Tovertafel buddy!

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Because we use the co-design method and actively involve our target groups in the design process, we can tailor our products to their needs and interest. That way, we ensure that games will stimulate them as best as possible

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Scientific research

The Tovertafel is based on scientific research. In her PhD research, Hester Le Riche studied how the physical and social environment affect activity among older people with dementia. She also did a literature study into their play experiences.

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Hester's perspective

Behind the scenes

About us

We believe that everyone has the right to play. Unfortunately, not everyone can enjoy this right. Therefore, we want to make playing more accessible for people with a cognitive challenge: from children with autism to older people with dementia. The Tovertafel can justly be called a care innovation: we work in close collaboration with care professionals and universities from around the globe. More about Active Cues


What makes older people on the dementia journey move? How do you stimulate people with a learning difficulty to play together? Research plays a central role at Active Cues. Not only is the Tovertafel the result of PhD research by Hester Le Riche, but all our products derive from an extensive design process, a process that involves the target group and the people around them. Design for the care sector

The story of Hester Le Riche, the Tovertafel's creator

"Active Cues creates moments of happiness for people with cognitive challenges."

Co-design: together with the care sector

As we want our games to match the needs and desires of our various target groups, we use the co-design method: designing together with the target group and those around them. We speak with care workers and family members and always try new games out – together with the users, of course. Because we actively involve them in the design process, we can tailor our products to their needs and interests, and thereby ensure that games will stimulate them.
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Testimonials from practice

My best experience was when I took a woman to the Tovertafel who always wants to sleep. She really liked it! I realised it was still possible to get her to move.

Joke Bijl, Personal healthcare assistant

The Tovertafel ensures that my mum and I do more active things. Nothing can go wrong in the games; it’s simply loads of fun! That motivates her to keep playing.

Rita Tummers, Informal care

I think the Tovertafel is really beneficial because it makes the residents happy and strengthens their feeling of being in a group!

Lisanne, Tovertafel-buddy

Winner Dutch Game
Awards ‘15

Winner New Venture ‘15

German Business

Finalist EY Entrepreneur Of The Year '18

Winner EIT Digital Challenge '18


Do you have questions about the Tovertafel, or do you want to know more about purchasing the Tovertafel or one of its games? Then perhaps you can find the answer in the FAQs. If you would prefer to speak to someone in person, then please get in touch. Get in touch