Swedish research: Tovertafel UP has a positive influence on people with severe intellectual disabilities

Recent Swedish research shows that the Tovertafel UP increases physical activity and social interaction for adults with severe (and multiple) intellectual disabilities. Lena Talman and Christine Gustafsson of Mälardalen University in Sweden carried out the research on the effects of the Tovertafel UP on behalf of the municipality of Eskilstuna.

The research was conducted over a period of 11 months in a daily activities centre. Care workers were interviewed before installation of the Tovertafel and four months afterwards. Before installation of the Tovertafel caregivers filled out a questionnaire about the currently available activities. Four months after installation of the Tovertafel they filled out a questionnaire about the added value of the Tovertafel. A logbook was used to register the use of Tovertafel and the observed effects during the complete research period of 11 months.

Moving and working together

The research shows that the Tovertafel UP increases physical activity, concentration, social interaction between the clients and cooperation during the game. They help each other and encourage others who have difficulty activating themselves. There is better interaction and they give each other room to play, they wait their turn. Some users now show their acquired knowledge in other activities as well: the so-called transfer effect. The full report is available here.