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Discover all the possibilities of the Tovertafel After the Tovertafel has been installed, we provide staff and relatives support with the daily use of the Tovertafel.


Once the Tovertafel has been ordered, one of our installers comes to install the Tovertafel on location. The four desired hanging points are selected in rooms of your choice, so that the Tovertafel can be used in all these rooms straight away! The installation is done with the greatest possible sensitivity for the surroundings. In other words, our installers always take the residents or clients into account.


We are well aware of the busy work schedules in the care sector. Therefore, we want to do as much as we can to help care staff get to know the Tovertafel.

After the Tovertafel is installed, we hold an informal session with all relevant staff and informal carers to demonstrate how the Tovertafel works and how our product can be used to improve the quality of life of the residents or clients.

Tovertafel Buddy

The Tovertafel is installed and people who will use it are instructed how! To ensure initial and (in particular) continued use of the Tovertafel, we enlist the help of a Tovertafel Buddy: a young person aged 17-23 who lives in the same neighbourhood as your care institution. The Buddy comes to your location two hours a week for two months and ensures that everyone gets some experience with the Tovertafel.

The Tovertafel Buddy is not an activity leader for the residents, but is there to actively encourage care staff, activity leaders, management, friends and family to use the Tovertafel. Furthermore, through your experiences and feedback, the Buddy can help to improve the Tovertafel. The Buddy is trained and paid by Active Cues.


Do you have questions about the Tovertafel, or do you want to know more about purchasing the Tovertafel or one of its games? Then perhaps you can find the answer in the FAQs. If you would prefer to speak to someone in person, then please get in touch.

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