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Where did it all start?

In 2009, industrial designer Hester Le Riche began her PhD research at the Technical University (TU) Delft. Her ambition was to design a product that helps to break through apathy for people with late-stage dementia. After years of research and design sessions with care experts, residents of nursing homes and their family members, the Tovertafel emerged.

How are the Tovertafel games designed?

We believe that the starting point is putting yourself in the shoes of people living with dementia. As we want to develop products for particular target groups, we devise these products together with the target group.

The process in which designers and non-designers work together is called co-design. During the development of new games, we involve experts and people concerned from various care locations (our co-design locations) in the Netherlands, the United States, and South Africa.

Is the Tovertafel scientifically proven to be effective?

The effect of the games on apathy of residents with moderate to severe dementia has been evaluated in various scientific studies and effect studies. Evaluation research shows improvement in physical activity. Moreover, the results also indicate improvements in social interaction and experiencing happiness, and a reduction in feelings of anger, fear and sadness. Recent research shows a strong improvement in the quality of life for people with dementia.

Effects on participating players

  • Increases physical activity (1,3,4)
  • Breaks through apathy (1,3,5)
  • Reduces restless and tense behavior (2,3,4,5)
  • Reduces negative emotions and increases positive emotions (1,3,4,5)
  • Increases social activity and contributes to more fun (3,4,5)

Effects on care workers

  • Improves the relationship between care workers and residents (4,5)
  • Promotes interaction and helps to make contact (4,5)
  • Increases work pleasure (3,4)

Effects on family and friends

  • Increases fun during visits (4,5)
  • Increases possibilities for activities during visits. (4,5)

More information about our research.

Do Tovertafels exist for other target groups than people with dementia?

Yes, the Tovertafel has also been developed for people with moderate and severe mental disabilities. In addition, we are always working on the development of new games and products. Do you doubt whether the games are suitable for your target group? Feel free to contact us to see if the current games are suitable or if there are possibilities to develop new games! 

Where is the Tovertafel sold?

The Tovertafel is currently being sold in 9 countries; The Netherlands, Belgium, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Australia and New Zealand. Is your country not on this list? Please contact our New Business International Manager Sjoerd Wennekes for more information.

What are the possibilities to see the Tovertafel live?

In the countries where we sell the Tovertafel, you can request a free, non-committal demonstration on location. Please check your local contact here. For the countries where the Tovertafel is not yet sold, it is a possibility to visit us at International exhibitions we attend. The next exhibition Tovertafel will attend, if the situation around Covid 19 allows it, is the Alzheimer Show in London (UK) on 23-24 October 2020. 

How much does the Tovertafel cost?

Would you like to receive a quote of the Tovertafel? Please contact our New Business International Manager Sjoerd Wennekes for more information.

Is the Tovertafel also for rent?

The Tovertafel is also for rent in the countries where the Tovertafel is sold. You can contact the relevant partners. See our contact page for an overview. Do you live in a country that is not on this list? Please contact our New Business International Manager Sjoerd Wennekes and inquire about the possibilities.

How does the Tovertafel work?

The Tovertafel is a device that is mounted on the ceiling, above a table that is often used to get together, for example. It contains, among other things, a high quality beamer, infrared sensors, speaker and processor with which the games are projected onto the table. The device takes up no space and leaves the familiar living environment intact. With the push of a button you turn the Tovertafel on and the activity can begin. Because the Tovertafel can be connected to the internet, you can easily install new games and software updates.

Is a regular table suitable for the Tovertafel?

Almost every table can be transformed into a Tovertafel! Would you like to see how we do that? Ask for a free demonstration at your location! See our contact page for an overview of the countries we are active. Do you live in a country that is not on this list? Please contact our New Business International Manager Sjoerd Wennekes and inquire about the possibilities.

Does the care staff need extensive training to get started with the Tovertafel?

In order to get the most out of the games, we recommend an instruction for the staff that will work with the Tovertafel on a regular basis. However, we have designed the Tovertafel in such a way that even for people who have not been instructed, it is easy to operate the Tovertafel. The game menu is very user friendly and intuitive.

Are there other possibilities besides table projection?

The games of the Tovertafel can also be projected on the floor. However, the idea behind the Tovertafel is that everyone can participate at his or her level and that no one is excluded. For residents or clients with mobility problems or somatic complaints, dangerous situations can arise when playing with rollators or walking sticks on the floor with light. Projecting on a lying mat can also offer an activity for people with a physical disability. However, this requires more guidance and it is therefore not possible to play independently.

Can the Tovertafel be moved?

It is possible to move the Tovertafel from one ceiling spot to another. The Tovertafel comes with 4 suspension points that are mounted at the places you choose. However, we do recommend to have your technical department do this.

Are the games available in multiple languages?

When the Tovertafel is available in a certain country, we make sure that all games are offered in that specific language. Currently, the available languages are: English, French, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish.

How long can the residents play with the Tovertafel?

This varies per player and depends on several factors: the ability of the players to concentrate, the presence of guidance, the moment of use. As with other activities, it is ultimately up to the caregiver to estimate what the players need.

Can residents play independently with the Tovertafel?

The Tovertafel offers the possibility to perform other tasks in between. However, in order to contribute to the experience and to promote social interaction even more, we recommend playing along as a care worker!

Can the Tovertafel be placed in a public space where all the elderly of the care institution come?

Yes, it can. However, we have noticed that it takes more organization to guide people to the table. In our opinion, the ideal setup is at the group’s own dining table. This is a familiar environment and they already sit there regularly (independently) anyway, so turning to the Tovertafel is a small step.

Does the Tovertafel work in both dark and light environments?

We have developed the Tovertafel in such a way that it can be used by and with residents in the most common situation. Only in exceptional cases when there is a bright sun shining directly on the table, it may be necessary to close the curtains to make the projections more visible.

With what kind of table surface does the Tovertafel work best?

The Tovertafel is suitable for almost every table surface, both in terms of color and material. Light tables generally do best! Shiny or mirrored surfaces generally do not work as well, but that can be solved with a tablecloth.

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