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Spellen cats Archives: Autisme

Autism With the Tovertafel Unique games, you can practice several skills that help children with autism spectrum disorder to develop their social, cognitive and (fine) motor skills. The games emphasise language and communication. You can have multiple learning aims alongside each other. While you are helping one child to train eye tracking, a skill they […]

Research Research is vitally important for us, as we want to develop products that match the wishes of the children and their teachers or carers. Therefore, we do different studies about children with an autism spectrum disorder and their (learning) environment. AUTISM & THE TOVERTAFEL Exploratory project ‘Active Cues for Autism’ Learn more about this […]

Unique The Tovertafel Unique is a playful care and education innovation that helps children with an autism spectrum disorder with the development of their social and cognitive abilities and brings them together in a magical way. What is the Tovertafel Unique? Sitting at table together or waiting their turn, for many children with a developmental […]

Interactive games for people with a cognitive impairment that connects and stimulates movement Games The Tovertafel games provide adults, older people and children with a specific care need with activities that are meaningful and above all lots of fun! The games were developed in close collaboration with the target groups and are therefore tailor-made for […]